divejet neo plus

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The iAQUA SeaDart MAX+, as its name suggests is a maxed out iAQUA SeaDart. Capable of 21 km/h, diving to 30 meters and running flat out for 80 minutes. Using Samsung cells has allowed us to get way more power than the LG cells in the FUN. The iAQUA SeaDart MAX+ comes fitted with a set of 1700 lumen LED sub-lights and also features T-3000 modulus carbon fibre on both the LCD and jet outlet bezels.


21km/h max speed 30m maximum depth 4.5kW max power output 720 N max propulsive force 6 power modes 80min run time Weight 42kg Fast-charge 120 mins (standard trickle-charge 7hrs) Dimensions L115cm, W60cm, H40cm
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