divejet one

3.999 €

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Each component on iAQUA DiveJet ONE has been carefully engineered to deliver top performance at a modest pricetag. While this is our “entry-level” version, be prepared to be thrilled! Surging through the water at 16km/h and diving to a depth of 20m DiveJet ONE is the perfect introduction to what is possible at iAQUA.


16km/h max speed 20m maximum depth 3.3kW max power output 650N max propulsive force 5 power modes Run time 70 mins Fast-charge 120 mins
(standard trickle-charge 7hrs)
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Colors & Finishes

ONE finishes

Divejet ONE bodywork is made from high-impact PC-ABS. It goes through the same automative painting proccess as NEO, but in order to keep unnecessary cost to a minimum is only available in solid colours.

Solid Colours

Selected to match ONE’s hull and trim parts, you can’t go far wrong with the monochromatic solid colour options of Arctic White, Baltic Gray and Hadal Black (named after the deepest regions of our oceans).